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 Jashinism Rules

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PostSubject: Jashinism Rules   Jashinism Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 24, 2013 4:57 am


In the Naruto Universe, Jashin is the god or deity of Jashinism. Jashin is an extremely cruel and destructive being, requiring nothing less than complete obedience from his worshipers. He requires almost daily sacrifices, and is said to be the most bloodthirsty of the Gods.

One may choose to be a follower of Jashin, regardless of age or rank, but there are a select few who receive the ultimate gift from the god Himself. Through years of devotion and praying, and after a sacrifice of another human in Jashin's name, a Shinobi may be gifted with Undeath.


This Undeath is said to be the next evolution of Man, shielding the shinobi's soul from leaving the body. Soul anchored to the body, the user can survive everything from organ failure/damage, old age, and even suffocation. As long as the body has enough nutrients to heal itself, the user also can regenerate from wounds if they have eaten. The one true way to kill the Jashinist would be to completely restricting nutrients, literally starving him/her to death.

  • Limbs and minor wounds (First-degree burns, shallow lacerations) heal and regrow after 3 posts IC.
  • Heavier wounds (Second to third-degree burns, deep lacerations, organ damage, skeletal damage) may heal after 6 posts IC.
  • All wounds, no matter severity, will take no more than 9 posts IC to heal. The head, if destroyed, will regrow after 5 posts in the spot it was destroyed.


  • There may be only three (3) Immortal Jashinists at any time. While others may worship the deity, only three may recieve the final gift.
  • Immortal Jashinists may not hold Bijuu and become Jinchuuriki, as the Bijuu are deemed unpure in the eyes of the religion. A Jashinist must release their fealty to Jashin, and lose their gift, to become a Jinchuuriki.
  • Jashinists may not use any Ninjutsu beside Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood, as well as not using Genjutsu, Summoning, or Fuuinjutsu.
  • Jashinists may not use any more than one element, only to be used to enhance Taijutsu and Bukijutsu techniques.
  • In the event a slot opens for Immortality, a Jashinist must make a 5,000 word-count thread detailing the bestowal of the gift directly from Jashin Himself.


All Jashinists are allowed to use the Academy Jutsu, as they are simple yet effective techniques.

Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood (呪術・死司憑血):
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Jashinism Rules
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