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PostSubject: Umbra Arion Gami   Umbra Arion Gami I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2014 9:22 pm

Umbra Arion Gami

Umbra Gami:

Basic Information:

Name: Umbra Arion Gami
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Nickname: The Lightning Ghost of Kumo
Height: 5’8’’
Weight: 147 lbs
Clan: Clanless
Bloodline: N/A
Biju: None

Shinobi Information

Village: Kumogakure
Rank: Raikage
Element(s):  Kuroton and Raiton
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Sealing and Bukijutsu

The Shinobi

Physical Description:
Umbra is an average looking individual with tan Caucasian skin and thin, almond shaped eyes of an electric blue with an angular yet oval shaped face.
His wild, windswept hair is dark royal blue in colour, and like all good protagonists, cannot be tamed in any way shape or form and has not changed since the day he was born.
If you managed to get him stripped down to nudity, one would find a lithe, athletic figure with defined muscles and the same tan Caucasian skin.
Tattooed  upon his left arm is a black lightning tattoo hat flows from his shoulder to his elbow.

Umbra dislikes wearing the official Kage cloak and hat and will only do so at state meetings or events of heavy importance.
Instead, he tends to wear his trademark brown travelling cloak at all times, even in office as he claims that the material is the softest and most cosy he has ever felt.
Underneath this, he always wears a tightly wrapped purple scarf, a light blue t- shirt, a pair of dark grey combat trousers and a pair of brown, shin high walking boots.
This is always the same and one Shinobi found his wardrobe to be full of the same suit simply repeated over and over.
When he isn’t behind the desk, he always has his scythe, the Soul Reaping Blade; Solace behind him and even if he is at the desk, the scythe can often be seen beside him.
(Weapon page)

Umbra is a stoic and calm individual whom has a policy of being firm but fair with his subjects and refuses to jump to conclusions.
He is partial to black or dry humour and is a hard person to make laugh on all accounts unless a joke is made with either.
When in public, he endeavours to show as little emotion as possible unless he is making a speech where he pours his heart and soul into every word.
Despite his role as a leader of assassins, Umbra is an honest man whom always keeps his word.
On a personal basis, when his actions can’t reflect the reputation of the village, Umbra is a kind and outreaching person with an open mind and a gentle heart.
When angered however, he becomes merciless and has a violent streak a mile long and refuses to leave those whom threaten his close ones and his village alive.

- The general citizens of Kumogakure (Officially)
- The shade
- Ravens
- Earl Grey Tea

- People whom suck up too much
- Bright lights
- Mushrooms

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Umbra Arion Gami
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