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 Kamui Senketsu

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PostSubject: Kamui Senketsu   Kamui Senketsu I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 20, 2014 2:41 pm

Name: Kamui Senketsu
Type of Item: Armor/Clothing
Rank: S
Elemental Alignment: Blood/None

Ability/Function: This is a black-red girl's school uniform.... or so it appears at first. After the user has done the appropriate bonding with the armor, the user can twist the pin in the red gauntlet (comes with the armor), which will stick a small micro-needle into the user's flesh, taking up some of her blood. Senketsu uses this blood to transform into an extremely sexy armor, which allows the user to move at expert-level speeds and strengths in Taijutsu (if the user already has expert-level, he moves at master level. If you already have master level, you don't need this). The blood-eating is one of two requirements, the other of which is the phrase "Jin'i Ittai: Kamui Senketsu" (Life Fiber Synchronization: Godrobe Senketsu).

After fulfilling the additional requirements below, the user can evolve Senketsu, acquiring two different forms.

Senketsu Senjin:
Senketsu Senjin (Senketsu Blade Flash) is a sharp, weaponized form of Senketsu, where it becomes "thorny". This is used to escape from situations where the user would be entrapped, ripping the enclosing material to shreds. The "weapon" stat of the armor is its rank (S). To activate, the user must speak the name of the mode so that Senketsu can respond by transforming. This mode can only be maintained for 5 posts, with the cooldown being however many posts the user maintained it for.

Senketsu Shippu:
Senketsu Shippu (Senketsu Gale) is the flight mode for Senketsu (picture below, I can't describe it very well). The user can now fly, at the same constant speed that she would normally be able to run at. The user has masterful maneuverability during flight, being able to turn on a dime. This does not have to be trained for after Senketsu Senjin. The activation process is the same, by speaking "Senketsu Shippu" to notify Senketsu that it's time to transform. This mode can only be maintained for 5 posts, with the cooldown being however many posts the user maintained it for.

Passive Abilities:
- Telepathy (only to its wearer)
- Sentience (Senketsu is a serious person, serving as a voice of reason in battle)
- Can move at a speed equal to an Adept in Taijutsu, and can attach to its wearer without the wearer having to put it on.

Unactivated Form:
Activated form:
Senketsu Senjin:
Senketsu Shippu:

History:This is an armor created in Kozai's imagination forge as a prize for some thingy that was going on. I mean, who wouldn't want this? It's sexy, it's OP, and it can communicate!

- Prize in NNA tournament
- 3000 words for bonding
- 2000 words for Senjin
- 2000 words for Shippu
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Yukio Inuzuka
Yukio Inuzuka

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PostSubject: Re: Kamui Senketsu   Kamui Senketsu I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 20, 2014 3:11 pm

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Kamui Senketsu
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